Project Note : Football Party 2014

As a followers of football religion we had a party in Brazil which has started since 2 days ago. It’s called World Cup.

I haven’t miss this 4 years annual event since the 2002 edition. There is no different taste of any edition until this 2014 is coming. There’s no other reason beside my occupation that I do for now.

Padang Lawas is not a place for any football maniacs. As i’ve predicted before when I saw there was no football game in the afternoon that children of a neighborhood always play like it was in Jakarta or any other city that I’ve stayed in my life.

In the other ways there is another problem that I met to watch this crucial moment of any football region follower which called channel disordered.
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Project Note : Be Grateful,Live It Wisely

if you’re an Indonesian citizen live in java island and you’re always being upset about your life, take a look at these points.

1. look at the lights at your home. it is always shining whenever you want. is it? good to you cause we aren’t. lights out often happened here, 3 Times a day minimum.

2.check your smartphone signal. 3G signal is on your finger isn’t it?. you can update for any information in seconds. in here, it is not. it is so hard to get a good signal, smartphone that we got became useless. no Tweet refreshed, no Path smiles, laughs, frowned, or gasped.

3. it is easy of getting in touch with your relatives. your parents, siblings, or your friends can be reached at all time. you can call them, meet them, or hug them with in every ways. it is so good to live in java island especially if your relatives there. you can stay connected anytime anywhere.

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Project Note : Being Professional

when I was a little boy I oftened say “I don’t like it” or “I don’t want it” in many cases.

“I don’t like my teacher, I dont like my Food, I dont want to sit there, and many other complaints always came from my mouth.

as a little boy I didn’t knew that it will ruined my point of view in the future. but my mom did.

she realized that her boy couldn’t live with that mind when he grow up. so she told me and teached me about “being professional”.

it sounds unfitted for any young boy to learned a professionalism. but for me it is a good one.

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Project Note : Barber Chat

this afternoon me & my friend went to a traditional barber shop for getting a new haircut. this is my first time to get my hair cut in Sumatra island.

it’s not a huge different between the traditional barber shop in here and in java.
the barber who was doing his job on me is a good chatty barber. he knew that I’m not coming around his neighborhood so he opened the chat with asking where I came from.

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Project Note : Dear You

dear You,
a girl who went far away 2 months ago.
you are a great girl

I love your smile, your way of talk, your bravery in college, I love everything about you.

5 months ago you’ve chose to take a professional opportunity which is separated from your educational background.

you have to learn everything that matters to the economic world.
it’s sounds so hard for me. you must fill your mind with something new.

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