Funny Hard Rock

There are so many musician who played hard rock sound. One of them is Metallica. We’ve seen Metallica been a badass rockin the stage. But this afternoon I’ve watched them played their music in funny way. They played the legendary Enter Sandman with classroom instruments. It featured on one of Jimmy Fallon late night show segment.

Rock is about the taste. James not even looks cute with those cheer sounds of music.

May your new album gets high Metallica!


Never Beat The Classic : Books

Apart of the technology progressed which happened day by day, reading a printed book is always had a better feeling. The smell and sounds of paper that returned are priceless.

You can’t have it from ebook that you read in your Ipad or the sound of audiobook that plugged into your ear at the train every time you go to the office.

Never beat the classic.