Ramon and Vina: Brand New Car

Ramon’s watch showing 7 pm in this Friday noon. Time to relax and freeing his back from dozens work tasks. Ramon Fernando is one of advertising company staff in Jakarta. He works 8 hours minimum in 5 days a week. Oftentimes he did an overtime to finished his tasks before the deadline. He has been a year and a month being a staff in that company. Good paid and nice office are his triggers to stay in that position despite the tasks are drowning him day by day.

This friday night Ramon and his girlfriend Vina, are going for a date. They wanna go to somewhere cozy in Jakarta.Both of them are a staff from different company in this city. Ramon promised Vina to picked her up at 7.30 pm. There are 3o minutes time window to get to Vina’s office so Ramon didn’t get to much worried about it.

This is a big night for Ramon because he wants to take his girlfriend on a date with his new car. He bought a car with 3 years loan at one of a car leasing. Ramon knew that he has been an independent man now and having a car is an executive self reflection that he must obtained. In order to  accomplished it he takes all of his bank balances and annually pay his debt every months until 3 years for the car he chose.

His watch showed at 8.00 pm and he finally arrived at Vina’s office.Vina got mad. Not only because he was late but also about his car.Ramon didn’t tell Vina about the car. He wanted it as a surprise to his lover. It doesn’t work well. Vina doesn’t like it. She wants Ramon to save his money. She doesn’t think that buying a car is a good choice for his level of economy.

“We’re still young and so many things that we’ve to achieved. A car can wait, be patient. You don’t even think of depreciation you’ll get from car credit isn’t it?” Vina’s scold. Ramon didn’t take any of it. He is angry at Vina. “This is my money, don’t you interrupt anything about it. Did I ask you a loan to bought this? Why you so mad at me, I don’t need any permission even from you.” “I know that this is not my contribution, but I do care about you. I’ll always tell you anything that for me isn’t good to you, let us just quiet and take me home, cancel our date, let see how comfort you are with you and this car” said Vina loudly.

09.34 pm they’re arrived at Vina’s house. “So you’re happy now? We’ve been about 90 minutes traveled home with all of its traffic. Don’t you realized how much wasted our time is? How much fuel cost you’ve spent?” This is why I disagree with you bought a car.” Vina said.

Ramon just keep in silence and denial about what her said. “Yeah you’re right. You always win with your argument.” Ramon being sarcasm. “Ok I have to go now and remember, I just can wish you luck about this car and hope you’re not recreating another mislead economic step. Be careful of what you choose, prioritize your need not your greed.” Vina closed the talk and get inside her house.

Ramon arrived home at 11.00 pm and start to accept Vina’s words that he unconsciously trapped in economic trend.


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