The Powerful Damien

Damien. Being 35 years on earth and 9 years as an employee. Less than a year he will get his name as a decade employee. Such a big number for a person to stay in a job.

In his first year in the company he is so nothing. He is just some fresh graduates college boy trying to evolve as an independent man. Yell from boss, deadline task, are things that he regularly got.

Damien work hard and learn to be a  good employee for years. He insists that his job is too good to let down. Beside looking for another job outside he thinks that his job is the greatest upon all. He can say that the salary and other benefits are bigger enough compared with the pressure and working time he did. Even with his college friends with the same start in another company.  That’s what makes he stay in the job for a long time.

Years changing and so as his position. A year ago he got promoted to a management level. Now he is the head of his division. The division where he started many years ago. In the past years he was just the regular guy who knows nothing but now he is the commander of all the tasks.

Never did a rubbish job at lower company before, currently employed in a stable company make Damien a jerk to the others. Always demanding, doesn’t take blame from anything even others know what he really did which make him not a gentle person. He acts above the law. He uses his power as a senior to make others busted. He is being ostentatious. About how hard his work, how vital is his job to the company and he expect others to serve him.

Damien forgot one thing. The higher position we sat, the more important to stay in a line, stay grassroots. Critics are good for an improvement but using powers to bust another is a bad idea. Look behind at the past. You’re same as them. Just a blank mind college fresh graduates. They need time. Same as you who won just about time. You got your power just because you moved first. Show some respect to get respected.

Damien is still trapped in his euforia untill now. Let us hope that Damien got sober anytime soon.


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