Copycat: A Misplaced Evolution

I’ve read someone tweets about originality. “There are billions people around the world, why we are still busily enganged about ideas originality” she said. She means that there must be a similarity of idea from one human with another why we keep stand to own originality.

On another time I’ve heard a quote which says about a pattern of innovation. “Learn it, conquer it, make a difference” that’s what the quote said. It means that we have to know the situation, study how it worked and modified to make it yours. 

There’s nothing wrong with those tweet and quote. It do wrong when “make a difference” step doesn’t went well or even let behind. In my opinion that is how a copycat appeared. You’ve finished learned, got it under control, but no uniqueness at all. Same old stuff. It doesn’t bring you anywhere because you’ll remembered as the original one big fan. Differentiation will take you to another level. It makes others know you as the innovative that influenced by the first one or let’s say the original one.

Use your mind, make something that is YOU.


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