Project Note : Football Party 2014

As a followers of football religion we had a party in Brazil which has started since 2 days ago. It’s called World Cup.

I haven’t miss this 4 years annual event since the 2002 edition. There is no different taste of any edition until this 2014 is coming. There’s no other reason beside my occupation that I do for now.

Padang Lawas is not a place for any football maniacs. As i’ve predicted before when I saw there was no football game in the afternoon that children of a neighborhood always play like it was in Jakarta or any other city that I’ve stayed in my life.

In the other ways there is another problem that I met to watch this crucial moment of any football region follower which called channel disordered.

To watch tv we have to set a tv cable provider or build a huge tv transmitter. A simple UHF antennas won’t work in this village. So to enable the world cup channel we have to install official tv cable provider (which will cost us more) or contact one of villager who mastered in signals (we are Asians we can do anything).

2 options above are hard to achieve for me and the project team. So we choose to find a place that give a free access to watch the match through a medium screen (the phrase of big screen not suited here).

There are couple of places that give our need for some football matches. But one thing is weird that I can’t feel any euforia as I feel at home. Padang lawas is not home of football or even a place of football religion followers. For information, opening match only attended by 10 peoples.

Above that all I will keep struggle to still watch world cup 2014 for my worship to the religion.

Wish me succeed, God of football.

written at Mess Bcon 15th June 2014 while craving for world cup matches

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