Project Note : Dear You

dear You,
a girl who went far away 2 months ago.
you are a great girl

I love your smile, your way of talk, your bravery in college, I love everything about you.

5 months ago you’ve chose to take a professional opportunity which is separated from your educational background.

you have to learn everything that matters to the economic world.
it’s sounds so hard for me. you must fill your mind with something new.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” that was my thought at the time.
but now time flies and myself also took an opportunity from different way of our educational background. I am on the civil construction world right now.

I dont even know any of civil technical term. you must be still remember how sucks I am in engineering drawing subject. but now every day I have to meet all of civil drawing, trying to understand each of it.

we’re now in the same condition. trying so hard to get a better a future. better from our parents, test our boundaries, our limit.

I know I can do it so as you. I know you can do it too. I know you’re very smart since the first time I tried to get into your life, tried to get your attention. I know it would not changed.
you still the best girl I’ve known. best in anything.

you are bigger than you think. bigger than the problem you met right now, harder than a test you will faced next month.

do the best and you will get it. my pray always sent to you every day I faced our Greatest.

good luck, dear You

Written at Mess Bcon 10th March 2014 with longings

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