Project Note : Being Professional

when I was a little boy I oftened say “I don’t like it” or “I don’t want it” in many cases.

“I don’t like my teacher, I dont like my Food, I dont want to sit there, and many other complaints always came from my mouth.

as a little boy I didn’t knew that it will ruined my point of view in the future. but my mom did.

she realized that her boy couldn’t live with that mind when he grow up. so she told me and teached me about “being professional”.

it sounds unfitted for any young boy to learned a professionalism. but for me it is a good one.

I still remember how my mom teached me about being professional. when I was yelling about how annoyed my teacher’s style of teaching, she always said “there’s nothing to do if you are always yelled and shouted about your dislikes. that matters to do is understanding the way your teacher’s habit and be clever to still get his lesson.”

and the most I loved from what she said is “you can’t always get what you want, or what you think it will nice to you. everybody got own taste in life, you can’t force anybody to like what you want or what you loved. we’re living in society you can’t live alone as a human. we need to interact with others. be professional and you can succeed in life”

I know that I’m not a hundred percent professional man, but I always remember what my mom said when I was little. that thing which always be my supplement when I was tired by disliked situations.

Written at Mess Bcon 12th March 2014 while felt so hard to struggle.

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