Project Note : Be Grateful,Live It Wisely

if you’re an Indonesian citizen live in java island and you’re always being upset about your life, take a look at these points.

1. look at the lights at your home. it is always shining whenever you want. is it? good to you cause we aren’t. lights out often happened here, 3 Times a day minimum.

2.check your smartphone signal. 3G signal is on your finger isn’t it?. you can update for any information in seconds. in here, it is not. it is so hard to get a good signal, smartphone that we got became useless. no Tweet refreshed, no Path smiles, laughs, frowned, or gasped.

3. it is easy of getting in touch with your relatives. your parents, siblings, or your friends can be reached at all time. you can call them, meet them, or hug them with in every ways. it is so good to live in java island especially if your relatives there. you can stay connected anytime anywhere.

I grow up and live as a man from java island but now I don’t. so I realize that it is so different and hard to live outside java island. once a time I’ve wrote in my blog about unequally of Indonesia regions. now I really feel of what I’ve wrote before.

a message that I want to share is be grateful as an inhabitant of java island because not all of us can get as what you get in java although we’re in this same country.
once a again,be grateful, live it wisely.

Written at Mess Bcon 10th March 2014 when anxieties started.

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