Project Note : Barber Chat

this afternoon me & my friend went to a traditional barber shop for getting a new haircut. this is my first time to get my hair cut in Sumatra island.

it’s not a huge different between the traditional barber shop in here and in java.
the barber who was doing his job on me is a good chatty barber. he knew that I’m not coming around his neighborhood so he opened the chat with asking where I came from.

“I’m from Jakarta, and I’m here to work” he was confused why a people from Jakarta decided to work in his neighborhood.

“why here? is it hard to get a job in Jakarta? why everybody wants there? I got a childhood friend and now he is an export-import staff in Jakarta. about his monthly earned, you dont have to ask because it must be way higher than me” he said.

“I choose a job here because I can get of what I have studied in 4 years behind. it’s called engineering. I don’t want to waste that time. in Jakarta there is so much of chance to work but I can’t find what suited me for now, suited me as an engineer or at least still in the engineering world. life is all about choice and this is mine.” I replied.

the chat was interesting because all of the people in that barber shop were joined in this conversation. we talk about many things. it feels like we got a nice welcome from them although they often speak each other with their “batak” language and dialect.
it was a good afternoon, good chat, good people.

Written at Mess Bcon 13th March 2014

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